I love it! It makes my skin really soft and makes it feel clean...being honest! Thank you! - Clara, 13, Melbourne


LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS! I feel like I just went swimming in the Mediterranean sea! This drew out all my blemishes and instead of covering them, tackled the root of it from the inside. Even if I use it twice a week, my skin is forever soft and glowing! Love this!

-Ava, 17, Sydney 


OMG! My skin feels like I am on holiday everyday! Yay! Definitely feel like a beach girl now- even when I am in the city!

-Mila, 19, Melbourne 


OMG! My skin has never felt this smooth! I simply followed the directions on the back of the bag and it felt like the scrub turned into a magical, unicorn moisturiser! Now, my skin is glowing like an angel mermaid!

-Emma, 12, Melbourne 



Bahama Belle Skincare is a very unique company that has a very big potential. Their sea salt scrub is what I use every second day and leaves my skin sensationally smooth with the salty bits to exfoliate but the smooth texture leaves my skin wanting more. I love the salty smell with a hint of vanilla. Rebecca I am so proud of you and cannot wait to see more xx 

-Samantha, 16, Melbourne 



Ever since I started using the sea salt scrub my skin has felt so amazing! It's the first product I've used that has exfoliated my skin while keeping it super hydrated and smooth, unlike Cetaphil that leaves your skin feeling raw. I would highly recommend this product, for people of all skin types xx

- India, 17, Melbourne




Absolutely love it and will definitely be ordering more very soon. Love the feeling of my skin after using it. Great product - congratulations! 

- Amanda, NSW