The Bahama Belle Story

At the age of 13, I decided to start my own organic skincare range.

Being a swimmer, my Mother really enforced the importance of skin care maintenance but I began to notice that for other girls at school, this was not the case, and as a result, many of them had skin issues. I soon learned that while girls knew skin care was important they did not know what to use other than what their doctor or Mother prescribed them!

Identifying a gap in the market, I spent my summer researching organic ingredients that combine well together, which to avoid and spending birthday money buying and analysing products on the market today. Following this, I typed “people who make skincare” into Google and set up a meeting with a company in Country Victoria.  After payment day came, due to having no contract in place, the manufacturer broke off all contact and I was left with nothing.

Having the courage to start from scratch again was tough. From then, I wrote around 650 emails to established companies, investors and public figures to help me build or collaborate on a youth range. I got maybe 15 replies.  Many of these replies only came because I called their offices and assistants every day for a week and more than 50% of the replies were telling me that I had no credibility, skills or statistics to succeed.

I was lucky however, that my initiative, persistence and passion, got me support from Australian Buyers Advocate and regular "The Block" guest, Nicole Jacobs, who is now my mentor. Nicole gave me courage to keep pursuing my dream despite people not understanding my true vision to which I realised was my biggest advantage! No one is going to target a skincare range at teenagers better than a teenager! I dismissed the collaboration idea and started on my own!

Taking inspiration from my love of the ocean, I developed Bahama Belle Skincare, which bridges the gap between tween and adult skincare and allows girls in cities, towns and everywhere else to get the effortless, ocean kissed radiance of an island beauty. Helping girls to unlock their inner power and confidence, I want to empower girls to remove their masks and embrace their natural beauty and power xxx