"When you take a step and look back, it is such a magical world"

It really is a magical world and when you understand that you have the power to make it your own world with no limitations, boundaries or drawbacks, you tap into an infinite amount of possibilities.

I was lucky enough to speak at an inspiring women's series at Pitcher Partners and be featured on Westpac's Ruby Connection Webinar with my mentor, best friend and role model Nicole Jacobs. In these sessions, I focused on the idea that your dreams are never any less achievable because you are a female or are a certain age. I added that if anyone was told otherwise, remember a teenage girl created a business out of her bedroom. 

You feel a sense of freedom when you are able to stand in the face of the world and exclaim who you are, your passions and absence of fear and the only way to do this is to take full control of your mind. One of the largest factors of my "success" or as I like to say, achievement of a goal in the list of many successive ones, is because I am mindful that the things I say to myself have incredible power and the Universe really does react to what you put out to it. I could have easily put out to the Universe that I was never going to sell one scrub or have a website or any kind of social media following and you know what, that is what the Universe would have given me. Instead, I kept manifesting my website, my #MermaidArmy and I even put out that I wanted to be on a board and now I am! On that note, be sure to check out Project Gen Z and the work they do to empower young people everywhere, that they can be and do anything they want to.

(Check them out here! 

The key point is that you should be mindful of the things you say to yourself and to the Universe because it believes what you tell it wholeheartedly. Feed your mind with infinite love, positivity and joy and believe in your power. You are worthy of all the good the world has to offer. You can manifest everything you ever dreamed if you believe in it but as my Mum always tells me, it won't happen overnight but it will happen! 

Rebecca's top tips for manifesting your dreams:

1: Keep envisioning your dream. What does it look like? Smell like? Feel like?

2: Act as if you already have your dream.

3: Write it down. Put a picture of it in your room.

4: Say thank you every morning and night for your dream whatever it may be. If it is a house, try not to say thank you for the dream house I will have but rather thank you for my dream house! 

5: Never stop believing. If you don't truly believe in your dream and don't feel that fire in your heart or sparkle in your gut when you think or talk about it, the Universe cannot give it to you! Keep the belief!

Much love and fearlessness,

Rebecca x



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