I often have to remind myself that I am where I am today all because of an idea I had in my study at age 13!

Recently, I have been in situations where I have had to pinch myself that I am actually living out dreams I had as that thirteen year old girl! Every time I walk into work at Sass and Bide, sell a Bahama Belle, am being interviewed, go to events or more recently, represent Australia at the International Youth Forum in Europe, I have to pinch myself!

How am I doing these things that were just big hopes and dreams to me not a short time ago? Well, as author Jamila Rizvi put it, it was not just luck! I am starting to see that when women get things they have worked really hard for and have wanted for a long time, they put it down to luck! However, it is actually a big load of hard work, tears and laughs! 

What is something that you really really want to achieve? What is your biggest dream? What is your biggest goal if there were no limitations?

Well, hold that thought! Because, five seconds after you have an idea, your brain will convince you not to act on it! If I put a time block on those five seconds, what would you do? Without limits, realities of life and time and money, what would you do? How big would you dream? Why don't you act on these dreams?

I want you to act on these big dreams and forget the doubt, forget everything outside of those five seconds and focus on the dreams you have within those five seconds! Is it where you picture yourself running your own business, flying first class, living in NYC, Paris, Milan, Hawaii, Africa, Miami, London? Do you want to be a bestselling author? Do you want to have your own cooking show?

Whatever it is, do it! Dream as big as you can because you can! You get one go at life and limits should not stop you because in reality those are limits are ones you are placing on yourself!

Why are there only 10% of the world that are successful? Well here is their secret, are you ready: they live within those 5 seconds and listen to the voices that tell them they can because you know what, successful people are those that reach for the stars and do not consider that they will not get there. 

Live fearlessly and love with passion, 

You get one go, make it count!

Mermaid kisses, Rebecca xxx

Image: @jenhawkins

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